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Retreat inspiration...

Transformative experiences to enrich your life

Just for you

birthdays, Celebrating seasonal change, personal healing...A personal retreat offers ample time and space delve into creative ideas, nurture your mind and body, and develop an ongoing practice to support your continued growth. Life is short, and you deserve to feel deeply connected to your passion and purpose. Through creative ceremony and imaginative play, you will rediscover your unique spark.

You and your sweetie

pre-wedding, anniversaries, life changes...Wouldn't it be amazing to deepen your connection with your partner in a sacred, neutral environment? Just as plants depend on sunlight and moisture to thrive, your love needs tending. Utilizing experiential activities, I will show you how to attune more deeply to each other's heart and soul with love and compassion.

You and your

staff development, product launches, brainstorming...Is it time to take a break from your work environment to encourage better communication and facilitate an exchange of ideas? How about rewarding your team for dedication and hard work? Professional retreats encourage commitment to your organization while inspiring your staff to develop their individual and collective strengths. Utilizing experiential activities, I will support your team to learn how each individual can give the most of themselves in life.

You and your friends

reunions, bachelorette/bachelor parties...Gather your friends for an event focused on deepening your connections with one another, learning how to communicate more authentically, and giving and receiving support in new and fulfilling ways? Friends provide necessary meaning and value to our lives. I will show you and your friends new ways of supporting one another as you move through phases of life.

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